Crashnauts is a 2D platform shooter inspired by 90s shooters like Quake mixed with Super Smash Bros. 1 to 6 players. Spawn from the sky into objective based gameplay with scrolling levels and hazards. Fluid combat and hard-hitting weapons make for a fast paced and brutal experience.

Respawn with revengence

Don’t let your little brother get under your skin. Drop back into the fight in a devastating crashpod and get that tasty revenge.

Hard Hitting Weapons

Crashnauts takes weapons seriously. You’ll recognize arena classics such as the rocket launcher and rail gun, as well as a some new entries.

Join the ranks of Crashnauts by choosing the resilient Humans, the stoic Bruins, the merciless Crashbots, or the unending swarm of Kryll.

Crashnauts is copyright 2017 Fueled By Rockets